• Green Breakfast Skillet

    Green Breakfast Skillet

    A hearty breakfast does not need to be unhealthy and in fact, just because its full of vegetables does not mean its not savory.  My perfect breakfast is not always the exact same thing because routine is necessary but boring.  The first thing I eat for the day is important for me because of schedule and abnormal working hours.  

    My memories of a breakfast skillet stem from the diners that you either eat as a late brunch from a night of drinking or a 2am night cap to help soak up some of the booze.  What I have come to realize is not only am I able to eat and enjoy this breakfast skillet in the same way, it satiates my need for food that warms my soul and feeds it too.

    Green Breakfast Skillet:

    Diced tofu

    Red Onions



    Collard Greens

    Yellow Pepper

    Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes




  • Savory Tomato Salad with Whipped Ricotta

    Savory Tomato Salad with Whipped Ricotta

    Recently I met Samm and his wife Erica who own a mobile eatery called Spice!  I started following Spice on instagram and love the type of food they were making.  They have this sort of Mexican street food style always with an interesting twist.  Samm's inspiration comes from his Greek background and the Mexican twist from his wife Erica.  While in Mexico, Samm's love for food fell into the arms of street food.  Together, these two flavors were married together into the mediteranean mexican deliciousness that Spice is today.  

    I shared this delicious dish in the comfort of their home through a program called Meal Share.  Think couch surfing for food, but less beach bum and more hearty offerings.  Besides, you will have to leave once you are done eating.  Together, a collective of "strangers" become almost close friends through different courses and conversations.  I was surprised at both the overly gracious hosts serving amazing food and the new found appreciation for others who love and respect food.  The guests, sat eager and patient around the table, with the only imaginable negative to the evening was the end.  

    This is the first of what I hope to be a filling and fullfilling friendship with both Samm and Erica.  

  • Steel cut oats with bananas, dried apricots, raw almonds and pepitas, cacao powder, raw honey.

    Steel cut oats with bananas, dried apricots, raw almonds and pepitas, cacao powder, raw honey.

    I often overlook breakfast as being more than just an excuse to eat fresh fruit.  Oatmeal is such an easy dish to make and the warm nourishment coupled with a variety of tasty additions is so delicious.  After preparing the oats, I simply sliced bananas, diced apricots and tossed in the nuts, honey and cacao.  

    To create this image, I used an old apple crate for the base.  I love finding spaces and props around my home to transform into another environment.  I feel like a clean white bowl makes for a simple contrast to the rough surface of the crate.  I shot this image outside on an overcast day.  The even lighting allowed me to capture the textures of the food.  I used a 24-70 sigma lens on my Canon 7d.  With such perfect lighting, I was at ISO 200 and at F6.3 or higher.  

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